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Though the province of South Kivu is about as large as Rwanda and Burundi combined, it's not nearly as well known.  Years of war and corruption in the Democratic Republic of Congo have led to slow growth in the coffee industry despite near perfect coffee growing conditions.

That's starting to change as growers are beginning to benefit from industry.


This particular coffee is a very well rounded one.  It works great as either a filter coffee or an espresso roast.


As a filter, it's nicely balanced between fruity and black tea.  Look for notes of raspberry, lemon, and lime.

As an espresso, we bring out a bit more of the sweetness. You'll still have the fruit, but more chocolate and a creamier mouthfeel.


Bean Varietal = Bourbon

Processing = Washed

Altitude = 1800-2000m

Cupping Score = 85

Flavour Notes = Black Tea, Lemon, Lime, Raspberry, Sweet

DRC Kivu

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