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Although it's not as well known as nearby Costa Rica or Guatemala, El Salvador is starting to make waves in the coffee industry.  It may only be the world's 20th biggest coffee producer, but it packs a punch well above its weight.  In El Salvador, there is a big shift in the focus to the processing, with lots of anaerobic coffees currently being produced.


This particular coffee is extremely special.  After being picked, the coffee is sealed into containers and left to ferment for a few days before being dried naturally.  The process allows for an extremely fruity flavour and even hints of something that tastes alcoholic.


We only roast this coffee lightly.  It's flavour palate is a full circus.  Look for brown spice, citrus, dark chocolate, red grape, and stone fruit.


Varietal = Sarchimor

Processing = Anaerobic Natural

Altitude = 1200m

Cupping Score = 88

Tasting notes = brown spice, citrus, dark chocolate, red grape, and stone fruit


El Salvador Anaerobic

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