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Each month we're delivering not only the best of own own specialty coffee roasts, but the opportunity to test some of the best coffees Europe has to offer.

Whether you want just our roasts, a selection of the best of Portugal, or a mix, we've got you covered.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I cancel my coffee subscription if it's not for me?

We know you're going to love the coffees we handpick for you every month. After all, we personally taste test every bean to make sure you receive the best that each roaster has to offer! However, if for any reason it's not for you, you can cancel at any time.

What will I receive each month?

In our "Coffee Studio" subscription, you'll receive two 250g bags of our single origin coffee. In the "Best of Europe" subscription you'll receive one 250g bag of Portuguese coffee, and one 250g bag from our European guest roaster. In the "Half and Half" subscription, you'll receive one of our coffees, and one from a guest European roaster. The coffee you receive will depend on the subscription you choose: espresso roast, filter roast or mixed. Whichever you choose, you can be sure that you'll receive something new and exciting every month. We taste test and carefully choose all of the coffees you receive, and we aim to make every month different to anything you've had before.

I'd like to order more of one of the coffees I received in my subscription box.

We hope that you will love all of the coffees we choose for you. If there's a specific one that you want more of, we have limited supplies of each available in our Lagos store, and would be happy to send you one if we have the stock. Drop us an email at coffeestudiolagos@gmail.com

Will I receive the same coffees every month?

Definitely not. That said, how much "overlap" there is might depend on the subscription you choose. For example, with our "Studio Coffee" subscription you'll receive 2 different coffees each month. In house, we bring in about 4 or 5 new coffees every quarter. So, you might have some overlap by your 3rd or 4th month. Your subscription might look like: Month 1 = Tanzania + Myanmar
Month 2 = Ethiopia + Guatemala Month 3 = Colombia + Kenya Month 4 = Previous Tanzania + Something New. With our "Best of Europe" subscription you'll get something new every single month. In fact, you'll get new roasters every month! Of course, if you stay subscribed for years on end there will likely be some overlap in roasters eventually.

Are the coffees sustainably sourced?

All of the roasters we work with focus on the highest quality single origin coffees that support sustainable practices. That means you can enjoy every single coffee you receive knowing that it has been responsibly sourced, expertly roasted and lovingly selected just for you.

When will I receive my coffees?

We ship subscription boxes during the first week of the month and you have until the end of the previous month to get your hands on one. Shipping times may vary depending on your location, but you should receive your coffee during the first or second week of the following month.

Will I receive whole beans or ground coffee?

The subscription is for whole beans in sealed bags. That's the default and that's what we recommend. However, if you would like us to grind them for you, we can do it upon request at no extra cost. Just email us and let us know how you would like them ground!

Which roast type should I buy?

We offer three different subscription options: espresso, filter or one of each. Espresso roasts are the best option if you use an espresso machine or moka pot to make your coffee. If you use a V60, french press, aeropress, chemex or any other filter method, choose the filter roasts. And, if you have one of each, you can choose either - or choose our Half & Half subscription to get one of each!

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